Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mary Prantil - 9/11 Terror is in the Mind

Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil says: The American Dream is good to those who are good to the American Dream.

9/11 taught me that "Terror is in the Mind"....Little did I know growing up in sunny La Jolla, California which is near San Diego that I would live thru the worst American Terrorist attack in history. I moved to New York after graduating from UCSD with a degree in Theatre...My dream was always to move to New York and become a famous actress and Stand-up Comedian. My American Dream so far is going strong...NYC continues to be the greatest city in America.

It was 9/11 that really got me started in Stand-up Comedy because after I survived 9/11 - I thought if I had died in 9/11 what is the one dream I have yet to realize that fear is holding me was my American Dream of being a Stand-up Comedian...I will never forget that day....I was on the subway headed for work when the first plane hit the World Trade Center...I was working at Simon & Schuster at the time which is at 48th and 6th Ave...when I got to work my boss was pacing like a mad man in his office...little did I know that his wife, Michelle was already dead because she worked at the World Trade Center in the first Tower - literally Michelle was at Ground Zero... Michelle only worked on Tuesdays and was only 36 yrs old - she left a husband and 3 small children. Never again would I hear the caring voice of Michelle calling the office to see if her husband ate his lunch or to make sure he left in time to make his daily train by 5:45pm to make it home in Long Island, NY for dinner.

NYC was like a Bruce Willis Action Movie - there was white dust from the World Trade Center all over NYC. If you looked downtown you could see this violent combustion of flames and debris - the air was just as cloudy and thick with anguish...Guiliani was the Mayor and he was so great. He was my hero. I remember Guiliani saying that Terrorism is really in the not let them take our American Dreams from us not let them take our sense of security from be American Heros and to keep NY open for business.

The very next day...I began my childhood dream of becoming a Stand-Up Comedian. Fear won't ever stop me again. 9/11 made me a real New Yorker and American Hero. I love New York City...I love America. Thank you Mayor Guiliani for keeping my spirit strong and teaching what is means to be a True New Yorker and American. Fear won't ever stop me again...Terror is only in the mind.

America, NYC and Mary Prantil are stronger since 9/11. America will always triumph. NYC will always triumph. Mary Prantil will always triumph.

Mary Prantil Says: “American Success is the best revenge. Happiness is success when it brings peace and fulfillment. Truth is my strongest defense. I am fulfilled and living the American Dream...that,s not revenge that's the American way.”

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Mary Prantil says: The American Dream is good to those who are good to the American Dream.

Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil

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